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Pictures from Death Hearse filming!

So what is it? Well, Death Hearse On Satan's Titty Highway is THE FILM for hearse owners!

This movie will have several hearses and in fact stars many of the Hearse Girls as well as members of the Denver Hearse Association. There will be car chases, crashes, blood, gore, explosions and lots of half naked women. I basically decided that I was done with the tepid offerings of horror movies these days and wanted to make something that wasn't afraid of an MPAA rating and put quality, action, gore and boobs above getting into theaters.

Want to see it? Well who the hell wouldn't! Death Hearse On Satan's Titty Highway is filming RIGHT NOW and will be an ongoing web series if it is well received. So, if you want to know when it comes out, here's how

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We will also be posting videos right here on Hearseclub.com as this will be a web series movie, as they come out! For now, here are some pictures from our shooting of scene 1

DeathHearseShooting 269casketgirls.jpg (279138 bytes)
Some of the Hearse Girls on day 1 of shooting!

DeathHearseShooting 273moregirls.jpg (317634 bytes)

DeathHearseShooting 278_chelsea.jpg (212871 bytes)
Hearse Girl Chelsea as the Tupperware Lady

DSCN0357makeup.jpg (706043 bytes)
Hearse Girl Sara and Tank applying some makeup

DSCN0359demetrius_arm.jpg (484633 bytes)
Special effects gore

DSCN0366death_hearse.jpg (573900 bytes)
The stainless steel interior of Death Hearse!

DSCN0382dawwwwwwwww.jpg (647548 bytes)
Filming temperature was about 30 degrees outside that night, not really a good time to be covered in cold blood at 3am!

DSCN0383girlsblood.jpg (730546 bytes)

DSCN0388tankblood.jpg (697175 bytes)
About 30 gallons of blood used in all

DSCN0390deathhearse.jpg (272715 bytes)

DSCN0715death_hearse_broken_down.jpg (376797 bytes)
Overheating on the way to filming Day 3

DSCN0717death_hearse_busted.jpg (505050 bytes)

DSCN0720death_hearse_back.jpg (632000 bytes)
Everyone after wrapping scene 1 at the Brewer compound!

DSCN0721death_hearse_everyone.jpg (489611 bytes)

DSCN0723saracovered.jpg (455606 bytes)
Hearse Girl Sara

DSCN0724daniellecovered.jpg (490856 bytes)
Hearse Girl Danielle

DSCN0726death_hearse_ blood_back_end.jpg (544359 bytes)
Not so stainless right now

DSCN0727deathhearsegirls.jpg (661450 bytes)
Hearse Girls Marika and Sara

DSCN0729death_hearse_marika_sara.jpg (634634 bytes)


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