The saddest thing ever, worse than no Christmas New as of October 2005

Sleep Disorder 2.0, the ice cream incident New as of October 2005

Bicyclists suck, here's what needs to be done to deal with them New as of October 2005

On Goths selling out New as of October 2005

Brown face towell

Stop having so damned many kids, or I am going to stab you at the Olive Garden

Fuck me for shopping at True Value New as of October 2005

Fetish photographers are full of shit New as of October 2005

Genuine concerns about Ninjas New as of October 2005

An interview with yours truly New as of October 2005

How to kill nature in 7 easy steps New as of October 2005

Dealing with Mr. Nambla


Falling asleep at work

Hamburger Stand

Yes, I look strange, but that doesn't mean I am freaking crazy like you are, thanks...

Racism is killing me

Looking for work sucks

Kirsty Alley is NOT goth

What do Johnny Depp and imitation cheese have in common?

When I get old

Customers are stupid. A tribute to my comrades in retail and customer service

Screw nature


Harbor Freight retards

Stupid coworker observations

Fuck Bill Gates

Doctor Suckass

Krispy Kreme sucks ay-ass

Retard invasion


Fake Indians

Other nations whining about the U.S

Pristine Ass

Solutions for the poor

The worst thing EVER

My Baby Daddy Woman

Traumatizing clown

Religious stickers

Worst goth club ever

Kraftwerk sucks

Lego me

Underworld review

Bullshitting your job


Corporate bathrooms

Stupid names for children

My ultimate weapon, the Emofier

Kids are so cute


Laundry fetish

Master Zac

Me as a child

You can't stop me from masturbating

Words that piss me off


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