Destructacon happens every 4th of July. Because even the pussy fireworks are illegal we engage in flaming sword battles, oil wrestling and mass destruction of ANYTHING people want to bring! Our sword battles were rained out but we still had a great time!

DSCN4763emohead.jpg (521886 bytes)
Traditionally we shoot a fake head full of blood and brains to kick the event off and make it an Emo Head, this was our Emo Head this year...

DSCN4760shirt.jpg (358573 bytes)
This was Emo Head's shirt for the event. I forgot to put it on him after I put in all that artistic time and skill. DAMMIT!

DSCN4764cheryl.jpg (597044 bytes)

DSCN4765gurls.jpg (728599 bytes)

DSCN4767weapons.jpg (390862 bytes)
Our choice implements of destruction!

DSCN4768items.jpg (422104 bytes)
Some of the items to be destroyed. 

DSCN4769zacsign.jpg (632107 bytes)

DSCN4778zacrobocopgun.jpg (556844 bytes)

DSCN4779rob_zac3.jpg (576639 bytes)

DSCN4783rob_and_zac.jpg (620092 bytes)

DSCN4786emohead.jpg (400079 bytes)

DSCN4794emofire.jpg (601234 bytes)
Emo Head had a mortar that was lit and intended to blow his head off. Instead it just caused a fire. 

DSCN4798emofire2.jpg (517028 bytes)

DSCN4798emofire3.jpg (515069 bytes)

DSCN4806dizzy.jpg (430610 bytes)
This picture brought to you by INSTANT DIZZINESS!

DSCN4808cdestroy2.jpg (498139 bytes)

DSCN4815cdestroy.jpg (544048 bytes)

DSCN4817crush.jpg (540313 bytes)
The badass bat Eric brought!

DSCN4823smashbat.jpg (438779 bytes)

DSCN4825bat.jpg (425828 bytes)
Awwww, it broke!

DSCN4827smashkill.jpg (505174 bytes)

DSCN4830smashkill2.jpg (506443 bytes)

DSCN4833lighting1.jpg (460216 bytes)
Lighting some donated items...

DSCN4834lighting2.jpg (482628 bytes)

DSCN4835richardsmash0.jpg (637210 bytes)
Richard Taylor destroying the hell out of it...

DSCN4837richardsmash1.jpg (589621 bytes)

DSCN4839richardsmash22.jpg (488229 bytes)

DSCN4840richardsmash2.jpg (435593 bytes)

DSCN4844sarah.jpg (623819 bytes)

DSCN4848robbbbbbb.jpg (447005 bytes)
Rob and his eye testing machine....

DSCN4849eyemachine.jpg (700567 bytes)

DSCN4851lightmachine0.jpg (485809 bytes)

DSCN4852lightmachine.jpg (497821 bytes)

DSCN4854lightmachine0.jpg (409872 bytes)

DSCN4856rob.jpg (528697 bytes)

DSCN4857robisgay.jpg (436787 bytes)
That will teach that machine to make assessments on people's vision! 

DSCN4865csmash.jpg (635199 bytes)

DSCN4866sheryl.jpg (699478 bytes)

DSCN4872lightfire.jpg (767567 bytes)

DSCN4874fooooosh.jpg (493907 bytes)

DSCN4876destructacon.jpg (496626 bytes)

DSCN4878flaming_monitor.jpg (419245 bytes)

DSCN4879zacfire2.jpg (488789 bytes)

DSCN4883burningmonitor.jpg (705085 bytes)

DSCN4886smokefire.jpg (603919 bytes)
There was a giant pillar of plastic smoke emanating from our house for about 3 hours...

DSCN4908cynthia.jpg (543109 bytes)

DSCN4887moresmash0.jpg (670409 bytes)

DSCN4888moresmash.jpg (577318 bytes)

DSCN4897shittybunny1.jpg (666493 bytes)
Cynthia and her stuffed bunny.

DSCN4898shittybunny.jpg (612803 bytes)

DSCN4917crazymuslimextremists.jpg (467510 bytes)

DSCN4930beins.jpg (701033 bytes)
Zach Beins. 

DSCN4931chug1.jpg (668833 bytes)

DSCN4932chug2.jpg (753560 bytes)

DSCN4934beinstv.jpg (494065 bytes)

DSCN4935beinscrush.jpg (390735 bytes)

DSCN4938beinssmash.jpg (433383 bytes)

DSCN4944flamingrob.jpg (755320 bytes)
Rob. What a flamer. 

DSCN4945robbat.jpg (626604 bytes)

DSCN4949destroy.jpg (511644 bytes)

DSCN4950stabby.jpg (470779 bytes)

DSCN4964ahnaf_cynthia.jpg (686864 bytes)
Dirty terrorists!

DSCN4966tromaweirdos1.jpg (603527 bytes)

DSCN4967tromaweirdos0.jpg (538430 bytes)

DSCN4968tromaweirdos.jpg (585795 bytes)

DSCN4969pose.jpg (682943 bytes)

DSCN4970rob.jpg (606820 bytes)

DSCN4973ninja.jpg (530286 bytes)

DSCN4979suprisebuttsecks.jpg (620774 bytes)
Surprise! Buttsecks!

DSCN4980aubrey.jpg (715225 bytes)

DSCN4983wrestling_girls_hearse333.jpg (451009 bytes)
Our oil wrestlers, Hearse Girls Cynthia and Cheryl!

DSCN4985wrestling_girls_hearsecyn.jpg (594562 bytes)

DSCN4986wrestling_girls_hearse3.jpg (641265 bytes)

DSCN4988wrestling_girls_hearse0.jpg (613575 bytes)

DSCN4993.JPG (496047 bytes)

DSCN4995wrestling_girls_hearse.jpg (644708 bytes)

DSCN5007wrestling_girls_4.jpg (674325 bytes)

DSCN5009wrestling_girls_3.jpg (587486 bytes)

DSCN5012wrestling_girls_1.jpg (728767 bytes)

DSCN5016wrestling_girls_0.jpg (534073 bytes)

DSCN5027kiss.jpg (826527 bytes)

DSCN5030rest3.jpg (580820 bytes)

DSCN5034rest2.jpg (618459 bytes)

DSCN5038spray333.jpg (819497 bytes)

DSCN5040spray2.jpg (770359 bytes)

DSCN5041spray.jpg (640644 bytes)

DSCN5049rest.jpg (603672 bytes)

DSCN5052seriously.jpg (698521 bytes)
The fact that someone was looking at their cell phone to watch internet videos while oil wrestling was happening still astounds me.

DSCN5055girlscyn.jpg (779745 bytes)

DSCN5056girlsup.jpg (732517 bytes)

DSCN5064girlsafter.jpg (504138 bytes)

DSCN5066rocket.jpg (501078 bytes)

DSCN5067productplacement.jpg (347751 bytes)
Product placement!