Manitou Springs Casket Races

A few years ago a dead lady washed up on main street. Manitou Springs turned it into a celebration. NOT to be confused with the OTHER town in Colorado where they found a frozen dead guy in a Tuff Shed and turned THAT into a festival. Big difference. (And no, I am not making any of this up.


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At the hotel, special thanks to the Red Wing Motel in Manitou Springs for an AWESOME stay. I highly recommend their establishment if you are in town.

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The view from the roof

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Troys hearse

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Demons hearse

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Art and his families hearse

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Gary and Art from the Pikes Peak Hearse Association

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Pikes Peak Hearse Association

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The parade starts

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FYI, yes, there are going to be an ass ton of pictures of Alexi and the girls. This is because I was the photographer and if I am in charge of taking pictures I am going to be completely biased when there are women in tight clothing around. Any complaints? Direct them to your local monastary. 

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DSCN6223shewtin_chelsea_in_da_head.jpg (447841 bytes)

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DSCN6225chelsea_roof.jpg (542694 bytes)

chelseacloseup.jpg (312745 bytes)

chelseashooting.jpg (492594 bytes)

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Desiree and Chelsea

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DSCN6273_chelsea_vogue.jpg (464622 bytes)

DSCN6279_pew_pew_PEW.jpg (391429 bytes)

wearebadasses3.jpg (269708 bytes)

wemakeamericagreat.jpg (686907 bytes)

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DSCN6281_rob_and_peeps.jpg (391500 bytes)

DSCN6283_mr_happy_smiles.jpg (477072 bytes)

DSCN6286chelsea_gun.jpg (532059 bytes)

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Rob is afraid of heights and only agreed to get on the hearse if I personally helped him down, which I graciously did, but I did turn down his request to spoon afterwards.

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DSCN6297_my_money_is_on_the_kid.jpg (546611 bytes)
My money is on the kid.

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DSCN6319sorptomfoolery.jpg (499249 bytes)

DSCN6327threatening_children_with_guns_is_fucking_awesome.jpg (451396 bytes)
Threatening children, it's just one of our many services.

shewtin.jpg (324973 bytes)

DSCN6241tyler_in_hearse.jpg (399306 bytes)
Tyler driving Alexi since Rob didn't decide to show up until after the race. Not that I am holding it against him or mentioning it incessantly at every opportunity after the fact.

pirate_hearse.jpg (319779 bytes)
Meanwhile at the pirate hearse.

pirate_hearse_3.jpg (363383 bytes)
The Blue Pearl

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white_hearse.jpg (303801 bytes)

white_hearse_.jpg (50974 bytes)

zombiehearse.jpg (789211 bytes)

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DSCN6245whitehearse.jpg (547187 bytes)
Three white hearses, we have that...

DSCN6249hearses.jpg (604132 bytes)
Garys ride!

DSCN6252_1966_s_and_s_hearse.jpg (496487 bytes)

DSCN6254demon_baby.jpg (594658 bytes)
I don't know what the hell this is, but I submit that we immediately commence with plans to kill it with more fire.

DSCN6255helllllllllll.jpg (499251 bytes)

DSCN6290hauntedmines.jpg (443261 bytes)

DSCN6334chris_and_sandy.jpg (435049 bytes)
Chris and Sandy

DSCN6338nandk.jpg (469123 bytes)
Norm and Kristina

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