HearseCon 2012

Hearsecon happens every year in June (Dates usually announced in December) and involves hearses, music, magic performances, fire, camping and a whole hell of a lot more!


Thursday - Early Arrivals

Dinner and Nickel A Play arcade!

On the way...We usually have people showing up for the event as early as Wednesday so we sometimes do early bird events such as these

Dinner at Jerusalem's...the foods all...ethnic and stuff!

Nickel a Play, where every video game is free, skeeball is a nickel and you never, ever grow old.


Outside of Nickel a Play

Friday - Meet and greet/cruise

Molly Jo

The beginning of the meet and greet and our game of "Capture the funeral flag" to get everyone ready for the weekend.

Those Canadians sure do know how to make an entrance!

Hearse Girls Sara and Danielle

I know how to pick up chicks...

During the game of capture the funeral flag

The lineup of hearses outside of the meet and greet at the park

On the way to dinner at Griffs

Taking over the parking lot at Griffs

Danielle shows us how wide her mouth opens...damn gurl.



Waking up after camping. To save money we encourage people to camp in their hearses with us over the weekend. You haven't owned a hearse until you've slept in it!

Getting ready for the cemetery picnic!

At the cemetery picnic

Casket grill

Norm and Kristina

Mid Day Saturday - The Decay and Shine hearse show!

The showfield for the day

Hearse Girls!

Karl and Anna renew their vows at HearseCon

Professor Phelyx performing at HearseCon!

Hearse Girl Chelsea

Hearse Girl Danielle

Itchy O Marching Band performing as the surprise musical guests

The Hearse Girl competition

Molly Jo being hysterical

Table art at the campground




Waking up early for the last day of the action!

Meeting at Martin Manor for the potluck, band and pool party!

Notice Chelsea's boob almost being touched by mystery hand coming in from off camera...

Getting ready to tip Sara

So close

Almost there...

Run like bitch!

If you enjoyed the gallery and haven't been to HearseCon you should start making plans to come to HearseCon 2013, the best damned time you will have with a ton of hearses, dames, death and depravity!