Abby-1964 Olds 98 Hearse (The one pictured above)

I got my first hearse back! Savannah, 1973 Superior 3-way! Click here for all the gripping details!!!

A combination of a Borg ship and an armored Mad Max vehicle, A:L:E:X:I: is my newest work in progress

Apnea, 1975 Miller Meteor Criterion ambulance

Emilia, 1967 Pontiac Superior Consort


Past hearses I have owned...

Ultra Magnus-1974 Miller Meteor Ambulance

Aviator-1978 S&S Hearse

Salvation-1967 M&M Hearse

Sorrow-1969 Superior Combo

Drifter-1967 M&M Full Window

Mercy-1967 Superior 3-way

1973 Superior 3-way, my first hearse

1973 Superior Endloader


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